Why a Flexible Network Infrastructure is Crucial to Comprehensive Cybersecurity

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The pandemic is a perfect example of “expect the unexpected.” If you want your business to be in it for the long haul, you have to prepare for unforeseen changes in technology, the economy, and more. One of the best ways to do that? Flexible network infrastructure.

Not only will it help you pivot when disasters or changes pop up, but it gives you major benefits in the here and now for your cybersecurity. This article will show you how and why it pays to build a flexible network infrastructure.

What Does a Flexible Network Infrastructure Look Like?

A flexible network infrastructure is designed with scalability and agility in mind. Scalability means that the system can quickly and easily expand or shrink depending on your needs. Agility, meanwhile, refers to the system’s ability to adapt quickly to new security requirements.

In addition, a flexible system should be able to split its resources between different techniques for maximum coverage. You’ll know your network infrastructure is flexible when it works like this:

  • Easy for all parties to manage 
  • Comprehensive and evolving security tools
  • No siloed devices or solutions—all of your systems integrate together
  • Can operate on cutting-edge technology with the fastest speeds & coverage 

A flexible network is also designed to be cost-effective. By leveraging resources across multiple security tools and platforms, you can reduce overall IT costs while still getting the most out of your security system.

The Cisco Security Stack and How It Boosts Your Network Infrastructure

For a network structure that supports your security, you need a streamlined set of tools and solutions. Enter Cisco Security Stack. It’s a comprehensive suite of security tools, all designed to work together with your existing infrastructure and enhance its overall performance.

With Cisco, all of your network switches are connected and integrated. This gives you full visibility into your security system and makes it easier to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and any weak areas in your network.

You can easily add and remove stacks without affecting your overall network performance, which is hard to find in a security system. Because the tools are centralized, you can quickly access any information you need to assess and respond to threats.

If a stack failure does occur, the other components keep running. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that Cisco’s flexible and redundant network structure will kick in if something does go wrong.

One part of the stack—Cisco Meraki—is the network security component that ensures your flexible network is safe through tools like firewalls, VPN, wireless security, device monitoring, WPA2 encryption, and 802.1X authentication.

3 Ways a Flexible Network Infrastructure Supports Comprehensive Cybersecurity

A flexible network is crucial to protecting your business against cyber threats. Here are three reasons why:

  1. It can adapt to new, quickly evolving threats 
  2. It’s streamlined and easier for an IT team to go in and stop threats 
  3. It can continue operating even as some components experience technical difficulties or failures

Your business isn’t just fighting against hackers. You have to prepare for natural disasters, power outages, and good ole’ human error. Your network infrastructure can play a vital role in helping you stay agile and on top of threats. Your customers will thank you!

Invest in Yourself and Your Customers With Stability Networks

You can prepare for any threats that come your way by investing in a flexible network infrastructure. At Stability Networks, we offer you the best and most comprehensive Cisco Security Stack services on the market today.

Our team can provide you with customized solutions so that you can get the most out of your investment in security. Schedule a consultation and get started with our security experts.

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