Why Doesn’t My Antivirus Protect Against Ransomware?

Why Doesnt My Antivirus Protect Against Ransomware

As the internet grows, so does the number of cyber attackers that can pose a threat to your network. Ransomware, a type of malicious software that threatens to publish a victim’s data or block access to it unless a ransom is paid, is becoming more and more common.

If you have antivirus software, you may assume you’re covered against anything the web throws at you; however, that’s not always the case. Here’s why your MSP antivirus solution software isn’t protecting against ransomware, and why you should have anti-ransomware software in addition to your anti-virus software.

Ransomware: How it Works

Ransomware starts with the delivery of malware to the victim’s computer, most of the time via an email that appears to be legitimate, enticing you to click a link or download an attachment that delivers the malicious software. Some ransomware is also delivered via download attacks from websites and social media messaging.

The malware looks for versions of software to exploit and attempts to execute a malicious application that propagates through the file system. The ransomware software then sends the encryption key and other information back to a server. Finally, the server will send a message to the victim demanding a ransom in exchange for the release of their files.

Why Traditional Antivirus Software Isn’t Enough

It’s getting more and more critical to have specialized protection against ransomware that goes beyond your antivirus, as the different types of ransomware out there rapidly increases. The way in which antivirus software works is by detecting known threats. A victim must be infected first for the software to determine that the file is malicious. If a user hasn’t updated their antivirus software, malware is not recognizable; therefore, ransomware will not be detected and stopped.

Here are questions you should be asking yourself about your level of ransomware protection:

  • Are you protected against known threats only? Or can your software also recognize never-before-seen threats?
  • Does your software provide real-time system behavior monitoring?
  • Does it protect against encryption, alteration, or deletion of files?
  • In the event of an attack, can your software restore files?
Antivirus and Malware Protection Work Best Together

Ransomware protection software and intrusion protection systems are designed to work alongside your antivirus software as an extra layer of protection. Anti-ransomware software works by monitoring your network in real-time, flagging suspicious processes, stopping zero-day attacks, and backing up your files. Make sure to check out our managed IT services as well for the help you need.

Protect Your Data with Stability Networks

Do you have a reliable data backup solution? Are you protected against all possible threats? Stability Networks has the solutions to ensure that your critical data is protected. We provide industry-leading software to our customers as a part of our managed backup solution. From unlimited backup storage to continuous data protection, you never have to worry about your files being lost even in the event of an attack. Our 24/7 monitoring and antivirus protection software also ensure that you are receiving real-time protection for your network. To protect your network, trust the professionals. Contact Stability Networks today!

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