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Merging your IP data and TDM circuit-switched voice network can lead to reduced operation costs, increased productivity, and network functionality. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Although upgrading to a Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system has numerous benefits, it’s important to make sure your network security is accounted for when you make any change to your network. If proper precautions aren’t taken, transitioning to a VoIP service can have harmful consequences for other parts of your network.

Here are some helpful best practices for VoIP security when upgrading your system:

  • Install an Effective Anti-Virus System: Utilizing adequate monitoring systems and deploying patch releases in a timely fashion can aid the transition by keeping your network safe. Anti-virus endpoint software is a crucial part of keeping your network safe at a time when you could potentially be vulnerable to a cyberattack due to a transition.
  • Limit Access to Pertinent Hardware: The easiest way to incur harmful viruses and bring in a host of problems for your network is to allow access to unknown users. Make sure that the equipment you use and the network you operate is only accessible by authorized personnel. Your equipment should generally be kept in a safe, controlled setting where there’s no fear of unknown users tampering with your network.
  • Implement Authentication, Authorization, and Encryption Tactics: Configuring your Ethernet to only allow known users and utilizing password-protecting cryptographic keys can make all the difference for your network’s safety. Reach out to an established IT consultant for other tips for making your network’s specifications more demanding for existing users.
  • Use VLANs and VPN: Slow down outside attacks and protect your networks while promoting positive connections for your network using virtual LANs (VLANs) and VPNs.
  • Filter Traffic Through Firewalls: Filtering your traffic firewalls will block every non-crucial protocol that’s unnecessary for your network. Your goal should always be to streamline and simplify your network; don’t add to the chaos when you don’t have to.
  • Utilize Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems: Identify the issue before it takes hold of your network and causes serious damage. Utilizing cutting-edge intrusion detection services can help your network stay in front of potentially harmful issues.