The Next Big Step: Lifesize for Microsoft Teams Integration

The Next Big Step  Lifesize for Microsoft Teams Integration

It can often be difficult to keep track of everything new in the world of technology. You might always feel a little behind the times whenever a new piece of software or hardware is announced. With Stability Networks, you can trust that we will keep you informed on the latest advances in the tools that will make your work easier to execute and we will be right alongside you to make sure you get the most out of the new advancements. One of the next big steps in collaboration software across the corporate world is predicted to be the Lifesize cloud application and the way it will be integrated into Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is a platform that combines applications like workplace chat, meetings, note, and attachments. It has become integrated into Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription office productivity suite. This chat-based workspace was created to bring people together and put the tools they need within reach at the same time. As part of Microsoft’s collaboration tools, it provides the opportunity for companies to achieve more than they could before.

When your own team can communicate more effectively, you will see a rise in productivity and less time spent on miscommunications or confusion. The mission statement of Microsoft Teams is to “create a more open, digital environment that makes work visible, integrated and accessible across the team- so everyone can stay in the know.”

The key features of Microsoft Teams include:
  • Effective Group Chat: This platform provides an enhanced chatting experience for your enterprise.
  • A Focal Point for Teamwork: It lets you unite and share all of the other Office 365 applications like Word, Excel, Skype for business, PowerPoint, and OneDrive for business. It will put all these features and information at everyone’s fingertips.
  • Customizable Options: Every workplace and every individual is unique. The tools you use should be able to match your needs.
  • Security and Compliance, You Can Trust: Data you send across Teams is encrypted in transit and at rest. It supports compliance standards including EU Model Clauses, ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, and more.
The Next Step in Communication

Lifesize introduces an all-new step forward in advanced workplace collaboration. It will integrate seamlessly into Microsoft Teams and open up brand new opportunities for you and your employees to communicate and collaborate. There are thousands of workplaces out there that have committed to Microsoft products and applications for everything that they do. Lifesize is designed to work within this workflow while still offering a new collaboration solution.

Key Features of Lifesize for Microsoft Teams
  • Ease of Use: It only takes a single click within the Microsoft Teams app to join a Lifesize meeting
  • Rapid Response: You can use chat commands to initiate and join a Lifesize meeting.
  • Integration: Work within the same workflow that you are accustomed to for scheduling and joining meetings within the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Customization: You can selectively enable Lifesize for Microsoft Teams in specific work channels or make it available enterprise-wide.
Deploy Your Microsoft Team

Part of the vision put forward by Lifesize is the idea that team collaboration and voice and video conferencing should be easy to use. It eliminates the need for complex setups just to have an online meeting. They promise to provide superior flexibility with cutting-edge video and audio quality. Contact Stability Networks today to learn more about Microsoft Teams and Lifesize conferencing solutions.

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