The IT Support Landscape Has Drastically Shifted and MSPs Are Following Suit

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Slacks, thick-lens glasses, and a button-down shirt. That’s probably your go-to image of the classic IT guy. And while we’re not knocking that get-up, we do want to change your perception of what IT can really do for your business.

In the olden days (in Internet time, that’s about 10 years ago), IT people used to stop by your office when you had an issue, fix it for you, and leave. But now, things are changing. The rise of digital transformation and remote work has created a need for a new kind of IT support: managed service providers, otherwise known as MSPs.

A Cool, Short History of IT Support

Think about original IT support like a plumber or HVAC technician. When your faucet starts leaking, they come and fix it; your A/C breaks in the middle of summer, and a technician gets it up and running again. This is a break/fix model.

For the first few decades of IT support, almost all businesses used the break/fix model. But as computers became more integrated into our day-to-day operations, this model just wouldn’t cut it anymore. It’s like calling a plumber every time your toilet overflows instead of fixing the problem at the root: old, cruddy pipes.

People ended up spending more time and money trying to patch the problem, instead of preventing it in the first place. While the managed service model emerged in the 1990s, it gained traction in the 2000s with the demand for help desk support. And while the term has been around for a while, the managed IT service provider role has drastically changed in the last decade—a change exacerbated by the takeover of remote work (helped along by COVID-19). 

Businesses now need an IT support solution that is always on, constantly monitoring and updating their systems. 

How Your MSP Can Be So Much More Than Just Help Desk Support

Enter the modern MSP. Instead of a break/fix model, managed service providers now operate on a proactive approach, monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure 24/7. This helps prevent any future hiccups from happening, saving you time and money in the long run.

But MSPs go beyond just constantly monitoring for glitches—they also act as strategic consultants for your business. Your MSP can help strategize and plan long-term projects, optimize your business processes, and explain how technology solutions can increase your bottom line. They take a holistic approach to IT, understanding that technology is just one piece of the puzzle in running a successful business.

This could look something like this: Your MSP notices that your internet connection is slow and affecting productivity. They not only fix the issue, but also suggest a better plan with higher bandwidth to prevent future slowdowns. Or maybe they help you migrate to a cloud storage system, increasing collaboration among team members and streamlining communication.

In today’s tech-centric world, MSPs are positioned to not just be the IT guys, but indispensable business consultants. So go ahead and ditch that outdated image of IT support—with an MSP on your side, you can see firsthand how technology can take your business to the next level.

Business Consulting with Stability Networks > Basic IT Support

Gone are the days where IT support consisted of fixing a computer, installing software, and setting up a printer. Today’s MSPs need to provide expert solutions in areas such as cloud migration, cybersecurity, and business strategy. And that’s exactly what we do here at Stability Networks.
We dream in ones and zeros, but we also understand the importance of a strong business strategy and getting you the ROI you deserve. Schedule a consultation today so you can see firsthand how our MSP services can benefit your business.

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