Protecting Your Business and Its Data: Backup vs. Disaster Recovery

Protecting Your Business and Its Data  Backup vs. Disaster Recovery

Backups and disaster recovery; both are important for a business to have, yet so many still see themselves caught between choosing one over the other. Most companies see a backup solution as enough. As long as they have easy and reliable access to data in the event of a disaster, everything should be alright. With the rise of cloud-based backups, some companies are substituting backups completely for disaster recovery offerings.

While backups are important to have, a complete recovery environment includes a data backup solution and a disaster recovery plan. Here’s why you should have both if you want to protect your pertinent data.

Data Backup

Data backup services are critical to have in the event of a sudden outage or a natural disaster. You need to keep your essential files in a second storage environment so that you have access to them if the worst-case scenario were to happen. There are two types of online data backup, basic backup, and cloud-based backup.

Basic Backup

Basic corporate data backup is making copies of files and storing them somewhere in the case that you lose everything. To perform a basic backup, backup software is used for file copying.

Cloud Backup

Cloud-based backup options have recently gained popularity due to the fact that cloud-based options can replicate data in real-time. Cloud backup options also have high storage availability.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is an action plan or a set of procedures to enable the recovery of critical technology and infrastructure following a natural disaster. Essentially, disaster recovery outlines the steps that will be taken to restore critical data and systems in the case natural disaster where critical information is lost. Disaster recovery covers the entire process of restoration from re-establishing network connections to recovering data.

Why is it necessary to Have Both?

While backups are a huge part of your recovery plan, they are not enough on their own. What happens if the backup solution fails? In addition, recovering data quickly can be costly without an effective plan in place. By preparing and planning for data loss, you can act quickly without sacrificing budget and productivity related to the loss. Without data backup and a disaster recovery plan, you may be unable to retrieve data that was lost. Your ability to recover data that was lost relies greatly on the actions taken during the retrieval process.

Stability Networks—Industry-Leading Data Backup Software & Quality Disaster Recovery Plans

Your data is essential to your business’s growth and development; we get it. Stability Networks is the top name in data protection and will work with you to develop a data backup and recovery plan to protect all of your integral information. We monitor daily and check your backups, so you can rest assured knowing that your data is always backed up and secure. See the difference when you rely on Stability! For any questions, contact us.

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