This award-winning technology will give your employees the power to efficiently and securely manage communications and appointments and collaborate on documents.


The Microsoft Exchange platform gives your business a world-class technology infrastructure. Your employees will be able to efficiently and securely communicate and collaborate and your data will be defended and backed up. A Microsoft Exchange server is designed to support email systems that include calendars, contact storage, and collaboration.

With access to the Microsoft Exchange server, your employees will be able to collaborate easier and access data from any approved device. These abilities will allow you to outperform your competition.

Microsoft’s Benefits
Microsoft Exchange will allow your employees to archive messages, search specific queries, and perform compliance tasks. Whether you need access to a single attachment or want to download multiple attachments from a single email, the Microsoft Download Manager will perform these tasks quickly and safely. In addition, data loss prevention features help ensure backups are stored securely and can be recovered if necessary. With all of these features available on multiple devices, your employees will be able to work in the office or on the go.
Why work with Stability Networks?
Our team has been implementing Microsoft Exchange and other Microsoft products into our partners for years and has seen the potential it has given these local businesses. We will work alongside your team to choose the right product selection for your unique needs and budget. Because these are cloud based applications, you will be able to scale your package to meet your team’s growth. Other Microsoft 365 applications include the following:
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft OneNote
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• SharePoint
• Skype for Business
• And more!
When you work with us, you can rest assured that we have deployed automatic updates so you are using the latest version of Microsoft Exchange. When your software is up to date it will perform to its full potential and defend against the latest threats. Our team will manage the implementation and management of this platform so that you can focus on the best ways to utilize it. Contact us today to find out more about this offering.