Outsourcing vs. Insourcing Your IT Support: Pros/Cons

Outsourcing vs. Insourcing Your IT Support  Pros Cons

Every business has dedicated employees that perform functions of the company. Everyone is working together towards a common goal and contributing to company revenue and growth in some way. However, most companies will find themselves at some point needing services that are not a part of their employee’s job responsibilities.

Often, companies lack the technical expertise that is needed to support the information technology aspects of their company. When a company needs technical expertise to support business functions they are faced with the question; do we invest in outsourced technical support or hire someone in-house?

Outsourced IT support services provide significant value and a high return on investment for your organization. There are several benefits associated with outsourcing your IT support.

  • Focus on Core Business. When you outsource tech support to a managed service provider (MSP), your company can focus on business revenue-generating activities since an outside party is handling all the IT aspects of your business. If your team has to focus on IT, it can take away from their primary job duties and slow productivity.
  • Work with Experts. When you outsource, you get a whole team of professional IT experts with extensive skill sets handling your IT infrastructures and systems. These experts are also familiar with new, cutting-edge technologies that may help your company and give you a competitive advantage.
  • Greater Value. If you decide to hire someone in-house, you’ll likely hire one dedicated IT expert. With outsourcing, you get an entire team of technology professionals to support your business.
  • Cost Savings. Outsourcing your IT support can reduce capital and operating expenses. Hiring one in-house employee means paying a salary and benefits, while outsourcing ensures that all of your IT needs will be taken care of with one predictable price.
Insourcing Your IT Support: Pros/Cons

The other option if you choose not to outsource your IT support is to insource. Most organizations choose to hire one expert, a dedicated professional who will serve as the primary person responsible for all IT functions.

  • Possible Cost-Savings: Depending on how experienced the person is who you decide to hire, it may be slightly less expensive than outsourcing to a third-party.
  • Monitor Workers: Insourcing means you can directly monitor whoever is working for you and manage them based on what you have found effective over time.
  • Communication: Communication amongst your IT department and other departments within the organization may be more streamlined if the person is in-house.
  • Hiring Process. Even though hiring in-house may be slightly less costly, the recruiting and hiring process takes a lot of time. This is time that could be spent on business functions and growing your company.
  • Lack of Top Talent. If you are a small to medium-sized business, you may not have the capability to attract top talent for your organization. A professional IT company can provide that support if you outsource.
  • Retention. Insourcing may cause stress because you never know when an employee is going to leave. With a dedicated MSP, you never have to worry about your IT support team going anywhere.
Outsource Your IT to Stability Networks

When it comes to outsourcing vs. insourcing your IT support, each option has its pros and cons. It comes down to your preference and what will work best for your company. Whether you are a big or small business, every company can benefit from technical support services. If you choose to outsource your IT, the staff at Stability Networks is comprised of high-quality IT experts who demonstrate incredible customer care. For excellent outsourced IT services, contact Stability Networks.

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