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Give your phone system a modern makeover with Microsoft Teams Phone.

Create More Powerful Connections

Video-based collaboration is now at the forefront of our lives, and the hybrid workplace is now part of our day-to-day business routine. This exact dramatic change should be expected with our business calling. Today, nearly 80 million users in over 180 countries have made Microsoft Teams Phone their critical calling path for a more prosperous, collaborative solution.

Behind your business calling, there are two different technologies; these are both available with Teams Phone: public switched telephone network (PSTN), which has been used for voice calls since the late 1800s, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that routes your calls over an Internet connection, providing a rich upgraded experience for video and screen sharing. Even though PSTN calling still has widespread use, VoIP calling has experienced a surge in relevance and popularity across the calling platform. In November of 2017, British Telecom (BT) announced its intention to retire the current PSTN network in December 2025, replacing it with all IP technologies or VoIP.

This emerging trend has made business owners face the decision to invest in upgrading an existing, possibly outdated solution or prioritize developing a modern workplace calling solution that enables team collaboration and mobility. The Teams Phone solution is clearly the latter’s choice, and there are significant trends that should influence our decision.

  • Collaboration is the gold standard for calling solutions: Calling has always been siloed experience; users now expect a collaboration space that includes calling, video, meetings, and chat, all within the same collaborative environment. 

  • A surge in demand for mobile workforce functionality: Microsoft Teams now has over 270 million active users; this platform, combined with Teams Phone, provides a rich user experience that promotes productivity and mobility with the ability to work anywhere on any device. 
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Small business VoIP systems provide many tools.
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Optimize Your Communication Tools

For a more detailed examination of unified communications, you can take a look at our page dedicated to that service. But when we refer to voice over IP phone systems, we must also mention the added benefits of improved collaboration.

  • Productivity: One of the biggest performance killers is miscommunication. When you have improved communication options and greater clarity, there will be less confusion and better organization. With unified communications and VoIP phone systems, your employees will be able to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.
  • Mobility: Your VoIP phone number can travel with you, and with enhanced collaboration, you will have access to that same phone service from anywhere with an internet connection. Your business will be able to expand its reach and offer more agile operating options for your employees.
  • Opportunities: The dynamic combination of increased productivity, clearer communication, and enhanced mobility will create all-new opportunities for your company to pursue. These tools are just the start of a much brighter future for your business.
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Get the Industry’s Best Tools and Techniques

Stability Networks provides VoIP solutions through our experience with Cisco business phone services. Part of our mission for driving the success of our clients starts with supplying the best tools for your IT services. The technology available from Cisco phones will give your business a competitive edge with features like:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Transfer
  • Mobile Connect
  • Video Conferencing
  • Unified Messaging
  • On-Premise and Cloud-Based Solutions
  • A Secure Investment

Some of the most significant operating expenses for any company are the repeat costs that come from advances in technology. VoIP solutions are software based and updated through the internet, which means that your network can be updated regularly as new upgrades become available. Hosted VoIP solutions through Cisco business phone services will be a future-proof investment for your business.

Contact Stability Networks today to learn more about hosted VoIP solutions and the ways unified communications can enhance your company.   

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