How to Save Money with Unified Communications

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Yes, Unified Communications (UC) does boost productivity and help make collaboration easier for employees, but there are many other exciting benefits to look forward to—primarily cost savings.

Do you find that you are spending too much time flipping from communication outlet to communication outlet? Are you having trouble getting a hold of the right person? Are you starting to see travel costs skyrocket due to business meetings? Is your phone system clunky and unreliable?

If any of these questions apply to you, then you probably need to upgrade to something more efficient. The solution—Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

How Can Unified Communications Save My Businesses Money?

Unified Communications (UC) is much more than just a business phone system. It’s a solution that streamlines communication and collaboration across multiple platforms from various locations. If you really want to avoid breaking the bank every month, then establishing a good UC plan can help give your business an edge.

Here are some of the ways that UCaaS can save your company money:

Stronger Connections and Better Presence
When it comes to accountability, managers no longer have to spend a lot of time tracking down their employees. A unified communications platform provides users with a very transparent view. Users are easily able to access an employee’s status and preferred method of contact. This helps clear up more time so you can focus on higher priority tasks that help turn a profit.

Unified Messaging Support
Remember those times when you had to dial a certain number to reach someone’s desk, then another to get a hold of their mobile phone? You probably also spent separate time trying to instant message and email that same contact, too. These hassles are no longer necessary with UCaaS. UC technology is equipped with an interactive messaging repository, giving one the ability to reach all contact outlets more efficiently.

Mobile Integrations
Many companies integrate mobile contacts with corporate directories. This means that if you’re not having luck reaching one’s desk, you won’t have to hang up and call a separate number to try to get a hold of that person on their cell phone. In addition, UC also enacts mobile VoIP features, which can come in handy when you have to make long-distance calls. This makes mobile calling more efficient and can substantially reduce your mobile bills.

Video and Web Conferencing Solutions
Extensive traveling is often an exhausting and expensive endeavor for employees and your organization. In industries where face-to-face meetings are crucial, it’s no longer necessary to spend a lot of time on the road. To help boost travel savings, most Unified Communication tools come equipped with video conferencing features.

More Efficient Collaboration Programs
When it comes to collaboration and project planning, things have never been easier than with Unified Communications. The best UC platforms are supported by Office 365 collaboration tools. With these tools, users don’t have to be physically present to complete projects and share ideas. By joining an Office 365 group, you are able to communicate and collaborate on tasks in real time. This improves productivity, reduces travel costs, and eventually helps generate revenue.

Contact Stability Networks for the Perfect UCaaS Solution

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