How to Prepare for Windows 7 End of Life

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The days of Windows 7 are quickly vanishing, so it’s officially time to bring Windows 10 into our homes and offices.

Jan. 14, 2020, is an important date: It’s when Windows 7 will officially become extinct. Over the years, this operating system (OS) has been the ultimate utility belt for businesses everywhere, but now that its days are numbered, it’s important to introduce your office to the next best thing—Windows 10.

For those of you who haven’t begun migrating to Microsoft’s latest OS, these are a few crucial details to keep in mind.

Security Issues

We know change is hard, but it’s important to be proactive now that Windows 7 is on life support. While it’s difficult to let go of something that has been so good to you through the years, choosing not to move to Windows 10 before January will cost you.

Paying for extended support is an option, but not a practical one. When it vanishes, your network may be exposed to a wave of cyberthreats, including:

  • Malware Viruses
  • Adware Scams
  • Ransomware Invasions
  • Zero-Day Attacks
  • Crypto-Jacking
  • Computer Worms
  • Trojan Horses
  • Phishing Attacks
  • IoT Attacks
  • Malicious Bots
The Type of Impact That’s Expected

If Windows 7 is still installed on your computers past its extinction date, be prepared to spend a lot of money on repairs, replacements, and data recovery. The threat landscape is expanding by the second and security hazards are only getting stronger. It won’t matter what security updates you commit to, either. Not deleting Windows 7 from your computers comes with severe consequences.

Eventually, Windows 7 will lift the floodgates to your network, making it easier for hackers to compromise your most important data. And some of these security risks bear enough power to put your entire operation at stake. If you get hit by one of these cyberthreats, expect more downtime, less productivity, and very little satisfaction from your employees and customers.

Several businesses have already downloaded Windows 10 enterprise systems on all of their workstations, and we expect this trend to grow as we get closer to the extinction of Windows 7. Many free upgrade offers are available, but don’t expect that to last long. Capitalize on this deal now so you can take advantage of more managed support and faster, more user-friendly applications. Installing Windows 10 will help your business save more money and time in the short and long terms.

How You Can Prepare

Before adopting the latest version of Windows 10, make sure you have a defense strategy that meets the following criteria:

  • Perform an IT audit: Get your infrastructure inspected and take note of any alarming concerns. Keep a record of all the hardware or software that need to be updated or replaced with something better.
  • Update or extend: If you’re truly not comfortable saying goodbye to your current OS, you may sign up for extended support. This option comes with its own doomsday scenario, though, so unless you don’t have the funds to change, it’s probably best to commit to a Windows 10 upgrade regardless.
  • Prioritize your data: After deciding what to do with your IT, you’ll need to determine which data are most important. Meet with an experienced IT technician and put together a migration plan that carries over your most important documents first.
  • Adopt security layers: Protecting your data is priority No. 1 during the migration process. That said, you may want to partner with a managed service provider (MSP). Windows 10 also contains stronger security layers, making it more immune to most cyberthreats.
  • Provide employee training: Educate your staff on how to use your Windows operating system properly. This helps ensure no mistreatment. Provide clear instructions as well as best practices.
    Create a backup plan: Disaster recovery and data backup are two of the most important components of IT security. Develop a comprehensive backup plan to prepare for worst-case scenario events. This helps ensure you always have a firm grasp on your most valuable assets.
Make the Switch From Windows 7 to Windows 10 Now

Don’t be afraid to let go of Windows 7. The experts at Stability Networks can make your move to Windows 10 as smooth as possible. You have fewer than six months to move on, meaning now is the perfect time to give your IT system a makeover. It doesn’t matter whether you want to bring Windows 10 in your home or office, because our team will be there to help make the transition worthwhile. And if you still have concerns about the upcoming extinction of Windows 7, you can count on us to give you the answers you’re looking for.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation with one of our Windows OS specialists.

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