Find the Right Small Business Phone System

Find the Right Small Business Phone System

When was the last time you thought about your business’s phone system? Probably when there was an outage, or something wasn’t working. With business phone systems, most companies have the ‘if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it’ mentality; however, business communication is rapidly changing, and organizations need solutions to manage communication effectively.

There are various things you should be looking for in a phone system including reliability and affordability. But, first and foremost, it’s important to understand the different types of phone systems: virtual phone systems, landlines, VoIP, and cloud systems.

Virtual Phone Systems

Virtual phone systems connect a main business phone number to remote workers through their mobile or home phones. These types of systems work as a great call-forwarding solution, where calls are transferred to each employee’s phone (home or cell) when a custom or client calls the main office phone. Virtual phone systems are ideal for businesses who have a large group of remote workers.

Landline Systems

Landlines are traditional phone systems that run through wiring and are typically supported by a local or regional phone company. To run a landline service, you need on-premise IP PBX (private branch exchange) hardware. This hardware creates multiple extensions and allows for call transferring and call directories. Some landline systems are hybrid with VoIP systems, but many are being phased out by phone system providers. Landline systems are best for large corporations that have the budget to pay for them and in-house IT staff to maintain them.

VoIP Phone Systems

Instead of wiring, VoIP systems use the internet connection that they already have to get online. VoIP offers features such as automated attendants, call queues, and computer integration, features that used to only be available using PBX software. These features enable voicemails to be sent to emails and computers to be turned into phones. VoIP systems also allow workers to access a business phone system from their mobile device. These phone systems are best suited for small businesses wanting the functionality of a sophisticated phone system at a reasonable price. These are also good systems for companies who want employees to have remote access to the phone system.

Cloud-Based VoIP Systems

Cloud-based systems do not require the maintenance or hardware that you have to worry about with other systems. The service provider houses, maintains, and upgrades all PBX technology. The cloud is allowing businesses to grow quickly and easily since adding new lines is simple. Cloud systems are best for growing businesses on a fixed budget that don’t have an IT staff to operate software for them. They are also great for companies that want quick access to newer features or have multiple locations and want their system all in one platform.

Cisco Business Phones—Say Hello to the Future of Communication with Stability Networks

Your business’s phone system has a significant effect on your ability to communicate efficiently and securely. At Stability Networks, we specialize in Contact Center deployments and mobility solutions that allow our customers to stay connected wherever and however they wish. Our VoIP phone systems will enhance your employee’s ability to perform their job professionally.

Our selection of Cisco business phone systems ranges from simple, easy-to-use models to advanced models that can accommodate more complex needs. Cisco small business phone systems or systems for the needs of a large organization, no matter what your needs may be, Stability Networks has you covered. If you have any questions regarding business phone systems, contact us. Or, to get started with our phone system services, request a quote.

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