Why the Cisco Umbrella Is Stability Networks’ Cloud Security Solution of Choice

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As a cloud user, you’re probably well aware of the benefits that come from hosting your data on the Internet. But the threats aren’t talked about nearly as much as the advantages. As cloud adoption grows, cybercriminals see it as a prime target for big money.

New technology and new cyber threats go hand in hand; they’re a constant game of cat and mouse. You can’t have one without the other, which means you have to employ tools that will keep your security flexible and agile.

Cisco Umbrella has been designed by the best cloud security minds in the world and is used by some of the biggest corporations out there. It keeps your cloud safe with a combination of threat intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

By leveraging these technologies, you can rest assured that your data won’t become a statistic in the next cyberattack. Here’s how Cisco Umbrella does it.

What Is Cisco Umbrella?

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security solution designed to protect your data from malicious threats. It’s made up of several components that make your cloud security solutions layered, which is key for a robust security posture.

First, Cisco Umbrella acts as a gateway to the Internet, filtering out malicious traffic and blocking connections to known bad actors. It has advanced threat intelligence capabilities that monitor new threats in real time and protect against them before they can even get through your firewall.

Its predictive analytics engine constantly learns from past events so it can detect potential attacks before they happen. By combining all of these components in one cloud security solution, you can be sure that your data is safe from cybercriminals who are looking for any opportunity to exploit it.

Let’s dive deeper into the cloud security features of Cisco Umbrella.

What Makes Cisco Umbrella the #1 Cloud Security Solution?

Over 24,000 companies use Umbrella to boost their cloud security and prevent data breaches. Here are the features Umbrella has that makes it so powerful:

DNS-Layered Security 

Cisco Umbrella’s DNS-Layered Security is a comprehensive cloud security solution designed to protect against a variety of malicious online threats. 

It uses advanced Domain Name System (DNS) filtering technology to block connections from known malicious sources and identify potential attacks before they can even reach the network.

The DNS layer also inspects all incoming traffic, verifying the legitimacy of links and websites to make sure that users are not redirected to malicious or phishing sites.

Secure Web Gateway 

Secure Web Gateway technology filters out all malicious traffic from the web and encrypts sensitive data, providing an extra layer of protection. It also blocks access to dangerous sites, such as those that contain malware or are hosting phishing attempts.

Plus, it monitors for suspicious activity on your network and identifies any potential threats quickly so you can take action before they become a problem.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provides visibility into user activities in the cloud. CASB collects metadata on users’ activities and flags any suspicious ones for further investigation. This helps protect against insider threats and accidental data breaches.

If you use SaaS (Software as a Service) products, CASB is essential. It can monitor user activities on these applications to detect any suspicious activity that could potentially lead to a data breach or insider threat.

For instance, if an administrator tries to access sensitive information beyond their authorization level, CASB can detect this and alert the security team immediately. It can also track user activity for compliance reasons and provide insights into employee productivity.

Additionally, CASB can enforce policies such as disabling sharing options on certain documents, and preventing users from downloading or transferring sensitive data outside the network.

Cloud-Delivered Firewall 

Cisco Umbrella’s cloud-delivered firewall provides additional protection from incoming cyber threats by monitoring for malicious traffic and blocking connections to known bad actors.

It also has advanced threat intelligence capabilities that scan the Internet in real-time to detect any new threats and protect against them before they can reach your network.

Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and AI capabilities are incredibly powerful when it comes to protecting against cyber threats. By using predictive analytics, it can detect suspicious activity before it becomes an issue.

For example, it can monitor user activity and recognize any patterns that may indicate a potential attack. It also continually learns from past events so that it can spot new threats faster, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Beyond simply detecting malicious activity, Cisco Umbrella also uses AI to provide recommendations for how to best defend against attacks. This includes optimizing existing security settings and making sure that employees are following best practices to protect their data from being compromised.

Additionally, with its advanced threat intelligence capabilities, Cisco Umbrella is able to identify new threats in real-time so that they can be blocked before they lead to attacks or bigger issues.

Exhaustive Threat Intel

Umbrella’s exhaustive threat intelligence capabilities are some of the most advanced in the industry. It constantly monitors for new threats on the Internet and uses a variety of sources, such as community-based insights and telemetry data, to identify potential attacks before they happen.

By leveraging its extensive threat intelligence database, Cisco Umbrella is able to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and keep your data secure from malicious actors.

Why Do We Endorse Cisco Umbrella?

As a cybersecurity provider with decades of experience, we love helping our clients use Cisco Umbrella. Its cloud security is unmatched and its features ensure that our clients stay safe from malicious threats. Here’s how:

  • Facilitates compliance 
  • Improves productivity 
  • Better user experience 
  • Easy deployment and user adoption
  • The dashboard and mobile app makes it easy to monitor and manage
  • It will protect you from threats in SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, Google Drive, and DropBox
  • It’s a SASE solution (Security Access Service Edge), which means it’s streamlined and better for security than going through a data center

Cisco Umbrella is an industry leader when it comes to cloud security, and at Stability Networks, we’re proud to be partnered with them. If you’re looking for a comprehensive cloud security solution that can protect your data from malicious actors, Cisco Umbrella will help.

Are You Looking for Additional Cloud Security Controls? Cisco Has Them All!

When partnered with other Cisco solutions, you build a security stack that’s tough to beat. Cisco provides a variety of additional cloud security controls that are designed to work together to strengthen your defenses. Umbrella can work in tandem with DUO (multi-factor authentication) and Meraki (network security solutions).

Cisco has the tools you need to build a secure and comprehensive security system for every angle of your business.

Access All the Security Tools You Need With Stability Networks

You need a comprehensive cloud security solution that can protect you at every level. We have a great partnership with Cisco and can help you access all the tools you need to protect your data from malicious actors.
At Stability Networks, we provide security solutions that are tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Our team of experts will work closely with you to build a tailored solution that meets your exact needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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