How the Cisco Security Stack Facilitates and Supports Remote Work Cybersecurity

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Are you worried about remote work cybersecurity? If you’ve decided to keep remote work as an option at your company, you have to create policies and protections that keep you safe. Remote work can make your employees more productive and more likely to stick with you for the long haul, but it does come with some security concerns.

What if your employees access secure logins from a public Wi-Fi network? What if sensitive company data is being sent out via unencrypted channels? The list of potential security breaches goes on and on.

Thankfully, Stability Networks can help. In partnership with Cisco—one of the most prevalent communication technology companies in the world—we provide a suite of solutions that secure remote workers. With a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, Cisco’s Security Stack can give your remote workers the protection they need.

Here’s your guide to increasing your remote work cybersecurity and protecting your data with the Cisco Security Stack.

What Is In the Cisco Security Stack?

Cisco’s Security Stack is designed to provide comprehensive remote work cybersecurity, giving organizations peace of mind in the face of emerging cyber threats.


With Umbrella as its core component, Cisco’s Security Stack includes solutions such as Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), Cloudlock Cybersecurity Platform (CCP), Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Stealthwatch Enterprise Network Behavioral Analysis technology.

Umbrella provides a first line of defense against internet threats with machine learning technology and extensive network sensors. It can be used to block malicious domains before a connection is established, detect anomalies in DNS traffic and set policies that limit access to certain sites at specific times or from certain devices.

For example, if you want your employees to only access financial information during business hours when they are using company-provided laptops or tablets, you can use Umbrella to enforce those rules. 

Additionally, it allows organizations to quickly identify potentially suspicious activity on their networks by monitoring DNS queries across all locations from one central dashboard.

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

The AMP solution helps protect users from files containing malicious code by analyzing file data and metadata characteristics associated with known malware patterns. 

This way, even if the attacker tricks users into downloading something malicious like ransomware or spyware disguised as an innocuous file, the AMP solution can detect and block it before any damage is done.

Cloudlock Cybersecurity Platform (CCP)

CCP helps protect sensitive data from cyber threats by ensuring that only authorized users have access to confidential information stored in cloud systems.

It also provides visibility into which organizations, departments or individuals are accessing data, allowing IT teams to quickly spot suspicious activities and take necessary action.

Identity Services Engine (ISE)

The ISE solution focuses on identity management and authentication with features such as user identity verification, single sign-on capabilities, and secure access control. It allows you to monitor when a user attempts to log in or out of the system and ensures that all operations comply with your security policies. 

Stealthwatch Enterprise Network Behavioral Analysis

The Stealthwatch Enterprise Network Behavioral Analysis is the last tool in Umbrella that improves remote work cybersecurity. This technology uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect unusual patterns of activity on the network. 

It can alert IT teams when it detects suspicious behavior or malicious activities, allowing them to take timely action and protect their data.


Meraki is a cloud managed networking solution that provides secure access, automated device deployment, and powerful analytics.  It can be used to manage both wired and wireless networks in distributed enterprise environments with a single platform. 

It also allows IT teams to automatically configure and deploy new devices on the network, making it very convenient for remote workers who need quick access to networks without compromising security.

Meraki also uses AI-powered threat detection algorithms to identify any malicious activities on the network or any devices connected to it. This helps ensure that your remote work cybersecurity is airtight and no unauthorized personnel can access sensitive data stored in the cloud or on-premise systems.


DUO is a two-factor authentication solution that strengthens remote work cybersecurity by requiring users to prove their identity twice. It adds an extra layer of protection for remote workers logging into accounts from various locations, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive systems or data.

Everyone Says Remote Workers Are Facing Unique Security Risks—What Are They?

The tech pundits are right: Remote work comes with unique security risks that need to be addressed. Without an enterprise-level security stack in place, remote employees could easily fall victim to these main threats:

Direct Cyberattacks

Everyone is at risk of a cyberattack, but remote workers can be particularly vulnerable if they don’t have access to a secure enterprise network. 

Cybercriminals target home networks with phishing attacks or malware-laden files because they know the user is unlikely to be using the same level of security as in a corporate environment.

Unsecure Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are convenient for remote workers who need to access company data on the go, but they can be risky. Unsecure networks may put important business information at risk of exposure and open up users to malicious actors who can intercept sensitive data or gain unauthorized access to accounts.

Weak Passwords & Security Controls 

It’s easy for remote workers to get complacent with their passwords and security controls when working from home, but it’s a mistake. Weak passwords are one of the most common ways that cybercriminals gain access to accounts. Remote work cybersecurity requires everyone in your organization to use strong passwords and regularly update them.

Using Personal Computers & Devices

Organizations should never allow remote workers to use their personal devices for company work. Personal computers and mobile phones may not have the necessary security measures in place, leaving your corporate data open to malicious actors.

However, this can be difficult because many workers have their work email linked to their personal cell phones, or their work laptop dies so they pull something up really quickly on their personal computer. 

To make sure you are not leaving yourself open to cyber threats, it’s vital to have the right remote work cybersecurity.

How Does the Stack Support Remote Work Cybersecurity?

For secure remote workers, the Cisco Security Stack is a key to success. With the help of Cisco and an IT provider that specializes in Cisco Security solutions, organizations can protect their remote employees from cyber threats and see these benefits:

  • Simplifies management for your IT team, who will be able to use the Stack from one device
  • Cloud security, which is especially good for remote or traveling employees
  • Advanced network security, like firewalls, VPN, and wireless security
  • Advanced access controls with Cisco DUO
  • Seamless integration and high user adoption

Each of the tools in the Security Stack prevent cyber threats from reaching your remote employees, helping to protect data and other confidential information. Your employees will have multiple layers of security and protection so they can work confidently from anywhere.

Access Every Cybersecurity Tool You Need With Stability Networks

With the help of our team at Stability Networks, you will have access to every tool you require for secure remote workers. We are experts in networking and security who specialize in designing, managing, and maintaining Cisco solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Schedule a consultation to talk through your remote work concerns and find out how we can help. Our team of Cisco-certified network engineers will strive to find the right solution to meet your needs and protect your organization from cyber threats. Let’s get started today!

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