Benefits of Voice Collaboration for New Businesses

Benefits of Voice Collaboration for New Businesses

When you start a new business, one of the first decisions that need to be made is the type of phone systems you will use. Computers dominate everything but regardless of what your business does, it will always have a need for voice communications.

But traditional business phone systems can be expensive and difficult to scale when you need to add or subtract lines and users. Older systems are difficult to configure, lack in useful features, and require specialized services to maintain. This is where the benefits of VoIP phone systems make them superior alternatives to traditional phone systems.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Even people with limited technical knowledge can purchase and install a basic VoIP system. Your building doesn’t even need to be wired for internal phone service or use an in-house trunk system. Hosted VoIP services with a convenient web portal means no software to install which makes the entire system easy to configure and maintain.

Affordable for Small Businesses

Old phone technology was expensive to purchase and use. Maintenance could only be done by licensed professionals and if the phone system went down, your ability to serve customers went down with it until the phone company came to repair it.

Scalable to Adapt to a Growing Business

You might need three phones today and an additional 30 the following week. You may not be able to predict how many phones and lines you will need, but with a unified communications system, you won’t have to. Adding and subtracting lines is easy and an employee’s phone number follows them wherever they go which makes VoIP a great tool for businesses with a number of employees in the field or who do a lot of traveling. You will always have the right number of lines and will never pay for phone service that isn’t being used.

Has a Wide Range of Features

All basic phone functions are present including on hold, mute, conference calling, transfer, automatic attendant, and others but VoIP calling allows for more modern features such as warm transfers. You won’t have to give up any functionality and you have the ability to add and subtract features as you see fit.

Allow Your Employees to Communicate Better

Communication is the key to collaboration. A secure, easy to use phone solution like VoIP means you can bring employees together anywhere and at any time to solve issues, improve processes, and plan for the future. VoIP systems can integrate with other business systems such as client portals, CRM systems, and email clients. This way you can easily bring up a customer’s profile as you are talking to them or make notes about the call for later use.

Stability Will Streamline Your Phone Systems

It doesn’t matter how many users you have, or plan to have, your new business can trust the Stability Solutions team to provide phone systems that are advanced, affordable, and reliable. These cloud-based systems will improve your business operations and employees’ abilities. Contact us today to find out how our phone system offering can enhance your business communications and give you the competitive advantage you need.

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