Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

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With so many issues in healthcare stemming from rising costs, miscommunication between patients and physicians, and failure to abide by HIPAA compliance, now is the time to upgrade your network for optimal performance. Every service you implement for your healthcare facility should be geared toward providing superior care for your patients. If you work in healthcare, an IT service that provides custom-tailored cloud computing services can streamline your operations so that nothing gets lost in translation.

With a cloud platform, it’s easier than ever to keep their information secure, collaborate with other physicians, and enjoy excellent cost-savings when it comes to data storage. Stability Networks specializes in healthcare managed services that deliver all of the resources you need to make every episode of care your most efficient yet. We’ve outlined some of the most helpful services that a healthcare cloud platform can offer for your facility.

Reporting and Analysis

If you’re not actively learning from your mistakes and trying to improve your patients’ episode of care, you’re doing them a disservice. With a custom-tailored cloud service, your healthcare organization can utilize analytical methods including statistics and predictive models to achieve superior patient outcomes. With increased storage capacity and a better-functioning network, you’ll be able to account for more patient information than ever before.

Data Security and HIPAA Compliance

The sooner that update your network’s cybersecurity, the more likely you are to avoid fines due to a lack of HIPAA or PCI DSS compliance. Upgrading your privacy policies to protect your patient’s information is imperative for preventing security breaches—the last thing you want to do as a healthcare provider is compromise the safety of personal data, including billing information, social security numbers, and health records. A managed service provider can deliver a cloud solution that assists your facility with navigating a complex security environment so that you can continue to provide high-quality, user-friendly service.

Improved Service

With simple patient health record accessibility, it’s easier to cut down on diagnosis time and give physicians access to pertinent medical data. Cloud computing allows for remote consultation, seamless care continuity, improved diagnostics, and user-friendly billing. With so many offerings available that are designed to optimize the way that you provide care, it’s simpler than ever to make a patient’s entire episode of care manageable, safe, and productive.

Increased Storage Capacity at a Lower Cost

The more information you can store, the less you have to worry about your patient’s records being compromised due to overcrowding. Now you have ample room to keep your information more secure than ever, and for a lower cost. The price of utilizing a physical server to store all of your information can prove costly over time. Cloud storage offerings also enable easier disaster recovery solutions: if anything happens to your network, you’ll still be able to retrieve exactly what you’re looking for without too much trouble.

Cloud migration might seem like a daunting proposition, but Stability Networks makes it simpler than ever to streamline your operations with user-friendly, cost-effective cloud offerings. You’ll be able to protect your patient’s data, improve the quality of your service, and effectively manage an episode of care more easily than ever. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be—choose Stability Networks for superior Healthcare IT service and cloud migration.

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