Devices like smartphone tablet or computer flying over connected cloud

An essential part of your business is how your employees collaborate with each other and connect to customers. Modern companies are stepping away from traditional phone lines in favor of VoIP services and advances like Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). The Unified Communications solution is about more than better call clarity and less expensive hardware costs. It is a whole other way of looking at the way companies use technology to work together.

What is Unified Communications (UC)?

The idea that makes UC so effective is that your business will function more efficiently when everyone is operating on one communications platform. It is a suite of collaboration and communication tools that have all been designed to make teamwork more dynamic and accessible. Eliminating confusion and miscommunications will go a long way to making your workplace more productive.

The Benefits of Unified Communications

When you decide to make the jump into UC, you will have to make the choice between an on-premise solution or a hosted cloud-based solution. The features of a cloud solution include:

Scalability: When you base any kind of technology onsite, there are inherent growing costs for hardware or equipment. Adding new users or employees comes with the cost of even more equipment. Selecting the cloud solution means that you will pay a monthly fee for the right to use equipment that you do not have to manage or maintain.

So, when the time comes to expand your resources, you can do so without breaking the bank. A cloud-based Unified Communications platform comes with the scalability that you need to grow your business without the high costs.

Reduced Operating Expenses: When you are paying full price to own all of your own communication equipment, you will see high costs and the continual need to update your devices as technology advances. In many cases, a cloud-based platform will allow you to rent the hardware you need.

Predictable Budgeting: The monthly costs of cloud services make your budgeting very predictable. This enables you to plan ahead and dedicate your funds to other essential needs. With most subscription services, you also won’t be responsible for operating expenses or repairs.

Future-Proof: Technology will often become outdated or obsolete. The fact that these business applications are software and cloud-based means that they can be updated in the future without you having to pay the high price of new products. This makes UCaaS a solid investment for your business because your communications platform will never become obsolete or outdated.

Mobility: If you plan on implementing a bring-your-own-device or work-from-home initiative, your business needs to have the best mobile options available. With UCaaS, you will have access to secure instant messaging and flexible video conferencing in real-time.

Reliability: One of the advantages of cloud services that some people never think about is that you are trusting your services to a professional service provider. These data centers are supported by geographically redundant locations and industry-leading uptime performance. This empowers your business with more reliable voice communication and better overall user experience.

Disaster Recovery: When you combine the mobility and reliability of cloud-based services, you will gain access to stronger disaster recovery strategies. This allows your business to bounce back from disasters or incidents even faster because your communication network will already be up and running to support your recovery efforts.

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