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boise idaho IT consultants

Importance of Network Management

Working with an outdated network can have disastrous results on productivity. How can you make sure that your network is ahead of the curve rather than falling behind? Regular network …

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Cisco Telephone Systems

Cisco Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

You need to make important calls every day when you’re running a small business; shouldn’t your network make that part of your day as easy as possible? Finding the right …

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Boise ransomware

Healthcare Ransomware Attacks and How to Prevent from Becoming a Statistic

Of all industries that have the most to lose from a cyberattack, healthcare facilities are near the very top of the list. When you consider the importance of HIPAA compliances …

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cell phone phishing

Beware of Smishing – SMS Phishing Attacks

There’s been plenty of research in recent years on how much time the average person spends on their mobile phones per day, and the estimates range from two to five …

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boise idaho IT consultants

5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your IT Makes Sense

Where would your company be without the office IT guy? They’re responsible for little things like setting up a new desk phone, while also conquering major issues like protecting your …

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Cybersecurity & Security

VoIP Security Best Practices

Merging your IP data and TDM circuit-switched voice network can lead to reduced operation costs, increased productivity, and network functionality. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Although upgrading to a Voice-Over Internet …

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